Sunday, May 21, 2017

John Serba's Movie Review Suggests 'Alien Covenant' is a disappointment, despite Michael Fassbender

I've been a sci-fi junkie for as long as I can remember, and I would devour anything alien and Scary, as it were. That being said, Michael Fassbender playing a hyperintelligent android stuck in an existential quandary, or a monster with lots of claws and teeth and acid for blood makes the movie Alien: Covenant even scarier.

Well, we've seen the monster before, picking off spaceship crew members one by one in Ridley Scott's "Alien" (1979), swarming frightfully en masse in James Cameron's "Aliens" (1986) and being far less effectively scary in several other, lesser sequels.

Reading a riveting film review by John Serba on Alien: Covenant, that trails back to its predecessor, talks about Fassbender's unsettling artificial human, David, before, in 2012's "Prometheus," and his return for the follow-up "Alien: Covenant," which is the second in a trilogy set prior to the events of "Alien."

In his review, Serba asserts: the two new films, with middling results, director Ridley Scott wants this series to be more than just another bug hunt. Yet, that ambition is a narrative detriment, an awkward marriage between intellectual exercise and suspenseful creature feature. That isn't to say combining the two elements is impossible; it's just poorly executed here, the "Covenant" screenplay begging for another draft or three to work out its multiple lapses in logic and integrate its grandiose ideas into the subtext, rather than smacking us on the nose with them. Read the full article here!

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