Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Do You Define Marketing? Here's What Kenneth J. Varga Has to Say

If you were not too sure of the importance of marketing and how to define marketing, Ken Varga’s book How to Get Customers to Call, Buy & Beg for MORE! is the perfect hands-on marketing strategies resource for your business. He explains in his personal note on what this book offers you; that his book is also about marketing. And he goes on to say, marketing includes the name of your business, manufacturing or servicing methods, determining whether or not you will be selling a product or service, the shape, size and color of your product, the advertising, packaging, and location of your business, sales training, sales presentation, public relations, planning, problem-solving, telephone solicitations, front-end sales, back-end sales and the all-important follow-up. If all of this sounds complex, you’re right! Still, the core of what makes it all work is quality and service.  Without these two ingredients you won’t have customers!

In the business world “what goes around comes around,” and marketing can be thought of as a circle that is complete only if you have customers, make sales and have repeat business. If your ability to generate sales does not run full circle, there will be a separation, a gap if you will, allowing customers an exit that will lead you directly to financial ruin.

In essence, this book not only defines marketing, it explains the importance of marketing and offers marketing strategies that work. This book has so many handy tips on marketing your business. I use it consistently as a reference resource and it has tremendously, over the years, kept me right on top of my marketing. To find out more about the book, click here!

Anthony J. Namata