Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Write BLOCKBUSTER Fitness Articles for Men for PROFIT

The fitness niche is one of the most popular niches in the information marketing world, with $22.4 billion being spent in 2015 alone – and that’s just in the USA! If you want to write fitness articles that have the potential to make you money online quickly, ‘fitness for men’ is a pretty busy niche that can almost guarantee a steady income for you, if you keep delivering good easy-to-read content that helps people find the information they need. I was quite amazed the other day when I stumbled upon a YouTube video on how to do press-ups to build a powerful chest. This video had over nine million views. Now in any language, that’s A LOT of views. This article will aim to show you how to find and compile interesting content to publish on your blog; submit to article directories and wherever else you like.

Good books on fitness are a great place to start. If you’re already a fitness enthusiast yourself, then you probably have a collection of fitness for men books stacked somewhere in the house. I find revisiting these books with a fresh eye (one to find content that will spark an idea) particularly handy. You’ll be amazed what you’ll be able to unearth from books you’ve read before when you take this approach.

Another great way to find an angle for fitness articles is to look at particular fitness for men exercise equipment… like the kettlebell, for example. Not only do I myself find the kettlebell extremely useful, I am discovering new ways of using it all the time, which of course I like to share on my blog and mailing list. Now believe it or not, you’ll find good videos on YouTube by simply running a search for the equipment you want to write about. There’ll be tons of videos, so take your time to sift through them to find content.

Once you’ve found what really triggers an idea for a great informative article, try out the exercises yourself so you can bring your own experience into the piece. Believe me, by the time you’re done, you’ll have written a lovely, original article ready for sharing with the world.

Want to make money writing fitness articles? Well, if you already have a ClickBank account or similar, run a search for the equipment or exercise you want to write about on there, to find the perfect information product to include in your piece. And make sure you sprinkle some textual links embedded with your affiliate link to the affiliate product you’re recommending in your fitness article. So there you have it!

In Summary: In this article you’ve learned how fitness articles could be the niche for you and how to research for fresh content. And you’ve also discovered some handy tips on how to make money by simply recommending 'fitness for men' affiliate products while you’re at it, for your blogs, social media, article directory submissions and so forth.

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