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Discover the Amazing Advantages of Going on a Luxurious Mobile Tented Safari

Republished from 2011 travel articles by Anthony J. Namata for Abrojaley Africa

What I particularly like about mobile tented camps is that they are seasonal and can be removed during the rainy season or relocated to where the game is. Permanent structures in the bush have their advantages but a tented camp kind of brings you closer to nature. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to view game on foot and horseback from around your camp site? This article will discuss the numerous options and advantages of going on a tented safari in the African bush.

A tented safari doesn’t mean you have to resort to propping up your own tent in the wilderness and cook for yourself; it can be a lot more exciting than that...a lot more luxurious in fact, IF you let the professionals take care of the mundane chores whilst you sit back and enjoy the wilderness, wildlife, and the night sky as you camp around a fire grilling some delicious game meat. I’m going to assume that you want a break, right? Now let’s take a look at what you can expect to experience.

Mobile tented safaris allow you to immerse yourself in the wild, away from other tourists, away from the bright lights (typical with lodges) that deny you views of the African night sky. Not to mention, the annoying sound of generators that – in addition to providing power, pollute and sour the atmosphere. Permanent camps serve their purpose, but a mobile tent is by far more liberating in that, you can follow the game; you can find idyllic locations you may want to spend time in and camp there; it opens up a world of opportunities for an exhilarating African safari adventure. All laced with the amenities of large walk-in tents with comfortable beds, a tent to dine in, and a crew of people to take care of your 3 course dinners; serving your cold drinks; ensuring you get a hot shower and that you are comfortable. With a mobile safari camp not only do you enjoy privacy, you have the flexibility to plan the route you take, and perhaps most importantly, seeing the wildlife on your own terms. It also allows you to plan and schedule your own game drives with your guide. When you choose to leave camp, be it at dawn and returning by dusk, or you decide to stay in bed and then have a lazy breakfast and watch what happens from camp, is entirely up to you.

In summary: Safari camps in permanent structures are great and serve their purpose, but if you’d like to get closer to the wilderness and away from the roaring generators and the bright lights that deny you the sounds and scents of the wilderness and a clear view of the African night sky, consider a mobile camping safari. Having to prop up your own tent and to take care of all the mundane, yet essential, chores to keep you fed, bathed and tracking down where the action is can be a deterrent, agreed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The tented safari experience has moved on to cater to the more discerning clientele who want to experience a bit of rough and still enjoy a bit of luxury. So the next time you’re considering an Africa safari, ask your tour operator to provide you with further information on mobile camping safaris.

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Anthony J. Namata
Creative Travel Writer

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