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The #1 Marketing Tip for Tanzania Tour Operators: Why Free Advertising is Ten Times More Effective than Paid Advertising

If your tourist business is in a bit of a lull and can use a bit of a boost, then I want to share with you a strategy MOST tour operators I’ve spoken to completely overlook.  Let me explain why free advertising is ten times more effective than paid advertising.

That’s right. Advertising which you generate through public relations and other means is tremendously more powerful than even the best ads money can buy. Free advertising is more powerful than “ordinary” advertising. Have I got your interest? Well, let’s do it.


When I talk about generating free publicity for your product or service, I’m talking about the art of public relations.

Public relations is not just an art, it’s a true science. Public Relations is a relatively new field, developed only during this century by a few enterprising ex-newspaper reporters and media types.

Around the turn of the century, many people realized that the one thing better than a paid ad in a newspaper was a favorable article about the product written by a newspaper reporter. Today, that same article content has more media outlets than you can imagine—we have the internet. So try to imagine your REACH. Unimaginable!

Here’s why a newspaper article about a product is far more powerful than an ad for the same product.
When people read an ad, even a very good ad, they are aware that what they are reading is a sales pitch. When people read ads, they put their minds on guard because they know that people who write ads are not doing so objectively. This is—an advertiser will say anything allowable to sell products. People know that.

They are wary that advertisers work hard at accentuating the positive, while playing down the negatives. Consumers know that when they read an ad, they have to maintain a certain amount of skepticism. They know it’s up to them to “let the buyer beware.”

When people see a news story, they have a totally different attitude about the messages they are reading. With straight news, people are somewhat disarmed; that is, they assume that what they are seeing or reading is an objective, unbiased news story. It is not “selling,” it is just telling.

Therefore, a news story, whether it appears on TV, radio or in print “gets past” people’s skepticism like no advertising can. This makes all the difference in the world. If you read a story about Product X on the front page of a newspaper that tells how John Doe benefited tremendously from using the product, lots of people will want the same benefits. This is true especially after they hear about it from an unbiased third party source.

One favorable article about your product can generate thousands of dollars in business! The opposite is also true. Something negative in the news can ruin you. Sometimes, something completely unintended can create huge shifts in major markets.

A case in point is an old Clark Gable movie. I forget which movie it was, but there was a scene where Gable removed his shirt. What was remarkable about the scene was that Gable was not wearing a T-shirt. Now, in those days all men wore T-shirts as a matter of course, no matter what the temperature was outside. Once millions of men saw Clark Gable removing his shirt with nothing except his bare chest beneath, MILLIONS OF MEN STOPPED WEARING T-SHIRTS!

This shows the tremendous influence of a non-advertising mass media message. Since then, movie makers have learned the power of selling products via the screen. We need only mention ET to remind us of that. My point is non-advertising media publicity is powerful beyond belief. If you “sneak” into the news, you’ll see a big and even huge payoff!

This article is an excerpt from the bestselling book How to Get Customers to Call, Buy And Beg for MORE!, by Ken Varga.

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